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I'm a trained Suzuki violin teacher in Canton, Georgia with a passion for making the learning experience fun. I use games and imagination to engage young students without making practice feel like work, and I focus on clear, achievable goals to promote successful home practice sessions.

As a Suzuki teacher, I care about educating the whole child. My goal is to offer a joyful learning environment that promotes both musical development and personal growth, where challenges are overcome and goals are reached.  I believe in every student's ability to achieve musical excellence.


Meet Miss Laura

I received my teacher training through the Atlanta Suzuki Institute and am registered with the Suzuki Association of America. I am part of a rich Suzuki community through which I continue to receive further training, inspiration, and ideas.

I am also a Suzuki mom three times over -- my two daughters are violinists, and my son is a cellist. Being a Suzuki parent is so rewarding, and I am excited to share this special experience with you and your family.

Suzuki-certified violin teacher

What makes Suzuki different?

Mother Tongue Method

Suzuki relies on the tools that helped the child learn their native language: listening and imitation, and a supportive and encouraging environment.

Healthy Body, Healthy Tone

Suzuki study emphasizes correct, relaxed posture as well as beautiful tone - two facets of violin playing that are surprisingly connected.

Step by Step Learning

The Suzuki approach reaches every child - even very young children - by breaking down complex skills into bite-sized steps until mastery of every step is within reach.

The "Suzuki Triangle"

Suzuki education depends on a three-way partnership between parent, teacher, and student. The teacher equips the parent to be the home teacher.

Nurture the Whole Child

Violinists are human beings first and musicians second. Suzuki teaching begins with valuing, nurturing, and understanding the whole person.


Group classes and a shared repertoire make music study a social experience. Many students also join the broader community for Suzuki Institutes and workshops.

Thanks for coming by.

I am no longer accepting
new students, but I encourage you to connect with one of the many excellent Suzuki teachers in our area.

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